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Scalability for an Ecommerce Aggregator

Problem : We started to work with a startup ecommerce aggregator which was growing at the speed of 240% Year on Year. We are entrusted responsibility to manage ecommerce fulfillment for their 50+ clients across AAJ’s warehouses Pan India in situation where the lead time to onboard a new customer required was as low as 1 day and on an average no more than 7 days.

Our Approach : Keeping true to our value of reliable and responsive warehouse fulfillment services we decided to invest in enhancing our racking and packing infrastructure across all our major facilities ahead of time to be ready for the ambitious growth plan of the customer. Our review horizon was only 6 months which means we were reviewing the actual growth rate of last 6 months and adding new infrastructure for future growth to suffice the next 6 months expansion. We decided to keep 20% extra manpower per month as buffer at each warehouse without loading the full cost on our customer.

We created standard SOP’s which could work for most ecommerce clients and trained the warehouse management team to remain on the frontline of client coordination for quick turnaround of training wherever the client required customized packing or inward.

Since, the courier partners for ecommerce is the same mix , we involved them in our plans and kept them on toes to collaborate with us with being flexible to handle varying volumes on a day to day basis. Outcome :  We successfully delivered on the expectations of our client. Any bottleneck due to drastic changes in the daily volume never lasted more than 7 days because of the agility and proactive planning of our team.

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