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Meesho Seller Panel – How to Sell Products on Meesho Supplier? | 2024

The Meesho Supplier Panel is a dynamic platform for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products online. With over 14+ Crore customers, Meesho is a leading social commerce platform in India, supporting the growth of more than 15 lakh sellers. It offers an easy-to-use interface for managing inventory, tracking orders, and engaging with customers. Sellers on the supplier Meesho panel can access a vast marketplace, reaching millions of customers nationwide.

In 2023, Meesho saw a 3x increase in seller registrations, with new seller registrations of around seven lakhs showcasing its popularity and effectiveness. Moreover, nearly 80 per cent of the orders came from tier 2 and smaller markets.

So, whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a large-scale supplier, the Meesho seller panel provides the necessary tools and support to succeed in the competitive online market.

Meesho Supplier Panel Overview – 2024

Platform DescriptionDynamic platform for MSMEs
14+ Crore customers
15 lakh sellers
Core FeaturesEasy-to-use interface
Inventory management
Order tracking
Customer engagement
Marketplace ImpressionsAccess to a vast marketplace
Millions of customers nationwide
Growth Statistics3x increase in seller registrations
7 lakh new sellers
80% of orders from tier 2 and smaller markets
Target AudienceIndividual entrepreneurs
Large-scale suppliers
Essential tools and support for success in the online market

Documentation and Eligibility to Register on the Meesho Supplier Panel

You only need minimal documents to register on the Meesho Supplier Panel. Take a look at them below:

  1. Tax Details: You need to provide a tax document, like your GSTIN. If you’re not a regular or composition seller and you’ve registered for GSTIN but haven’t got the final GSTIN for your business yet, you can also provide your enrollment ID/UIN.
  2. Bank Account Details: You must provide your bank details for transactional legitimacy. Thus, keep your bank passbook/cheque handy when registering on the Meesho Supplier Panel.

Note: According to Meesho’s latest update, you can now be registered as a seller without a Regular GSTIN.

That’s it!

However, you do not need anything else as documents to register on the Meesho Supplier Panel. Be on the safer and relaxed side and ensure you have the following documents as well so as not to face any consequences and pass the eligibility requirements:

  1. Business Registration: Make sure to register your business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, or private limited company.
  2. Identity Proof: Keep your ID proof handy, such as your PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport, for authentic verification.
  3. Address Proof: Give your address details with relevant documents such as utility bills, rent agreements, or bank statements.

With these documents ready, you can quickly start the Meesho seller panel registration process. Below is the process for doing so.

Registration Process on Meesho Seller Panel

Meesho Seller Panel Registration is relatively seamless. To register on the Meesho seller portal, all you need is to follow the following easy steps:

  • Visit the Meesho Seller/Supplier Portal: Access the official home page of the Meesho seller portal.
  • Sign Up: Enter your phone number, verify via OTP, and then put other details like your name and email ID.
meesho seller login
  • Business Details: In this step, if you don’t have a GST number, enter your Enrolment ID/UIN. If you have a GSTIN, enter it and click continue. You can also choose ‘I will provide details later’ to skip this for now.
meesho supplier panel
  • Pickup Address: After Submitting the GSTIN, Now fill the pickup Address and click on continue button.
  • Bank Details: Give your core bank details for transactional purposes, such as account number, bank name, IFSC code, and account holder’s name.
  • Supplier Details: Now Fill the Supplier details such as Supplier Name, Shop Name, etc.
  • Review and Submit: Check all details you have put in and submit your application now.

Now, Meesho will review your application, and after that, you will receive a confirmation email upon approval. Voila! You can access your personal Meesho supplier login page and dashboard to start the selling process.

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Meesho Seller Login Steps

Logging in on the Meesho Seller Central Panel is as easy as logging in to your social media account. Thus, here are the Meesho seller login steps:

  1. Visit Meesho Seller Portal: Open the Meesho Seller portal via your browser and click on login.
  2. Enter Details: Enter your registered email ID or phone number and password.
  3. OTP Verification: Input the OTP that you would have received using your registered email ID/phone number.
  4. Access Dashboard: Now, you will have entered your Meesho seller account and head towards your Meesho seller dashboard to manage all your products, orders, and sales.

You can also use ‘Forgot Password’ if needed. So, this secure and simple Meesho seller login process ensures effective account management on the Meesho supplier panel.

How to Add Products on the Meesho Seller Dashboard?

To add products to your Meesho seller dashboard, you can follow the step-by-step process stated below:

  • Login to Dashboard: Log in to the Meesho Panel using your seller credentials.
  • Upload Your Catalog: In the product upload section, click on “Catalogs Upload”, select “Add Single Catalog,” choose the ideal product category for your product, and upload high-quality product images from your computer to create the catalogue.
Meesho seller dashboard
  • Add Product Details: Furthermore, input all the required details related to your product, including title, description, price, and other relevant information.
  • Submit Your Catalog: Now, review your catalogue details and click “Submit Catalog.”

That’s it! Now, refresh the page to see your products listed on Meesho.

*Note: If you want to sell the same product in multiple colours, you can copy-paste the content for each colour variant.

Product Categories Available on Meesho Seller App

Although there are 700+ product categories that the Meesho seller portal features, here are some of the top ones that the majority of sellers sell on their portal:

  • Fashion: Garments, jeans trousers and t-shirts, suits and dress wear, kids and baby wear, shoes, sandals and sneakers, etc.
  • Beauty and Personal Care: Skin and hair care products, cosmetic and hygiene products, etc.
  • Home and Kitchen: Items such as sofas and other sitting facilities for the living room, spoons and other kitchenware, bed sheets and home organizers, etc.
  • Electronics: Office telephones and telecommunication products, home theatre and entertainment systems, personal computers and laptops, communication products, portable computing and communicating devices, etc.
  • Jewellery: Fine jewellery, costume jewellery, fashion jewels, etc.
  • Health and Fitness: Exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, health-enhancing products, etc.
  • Toys and Baby Products: Child toys and gears, baby wear, etc.
  • Automobile Accessories: Car accessories, motorcycle accessories, bicycle accessories, etc.

These product categories aid sellers like you in targeting particular markets and maximize their visibility on the Meesho marketplace.

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Benefits to Sell on Meesho Seller Hub

Selling on the Meesho Seller Hub offers numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Wide Reach: You can enjoy the huge potential of reaching millions of satisfied buyers across India.
  • Zero Commission: Meesho does not charge any commission upon registration of the businesses on the Meesho seller portal.
  • No Penalty: Seller can Sell on Meesho without worrying about fines for cancelling orders. You can manage your sales without the stress of penalties, making it a simple and hassle-free experience.
  • Logistics Support: You don’t need to find a logistics company for your products. Meesho takes care of delivering the products you sell on the platform.
  • Payment Security: The money from your sales is safely deposited into your bank account within 7 days after the order is delivered, including cash on delivery orders. Sellers can see the deposited balance and upcoming payments on the Meesho Supplier Panel.
  • Marketing Assistance: Meesho also helps sellers with marketing to increase their sales.
  • Easy-to-use Interface: The Meesho seller dashboard for products and orders is efficient and seamless.
  • Customer Support: Meesho provides customer support if sellers encounter difficulties or have questions. Sellers can connect through the Meesho customer support number or raise their queries via email.
  • Training and Resources: Meesho has a learning hub that provides information on how sellers can grow and sell products on Meesho.

These benefits make the Meesho Seller Hub an attractive alternative marketplace for diversifying your digital selling business.

The Bottom Line

The Meesho supplier panel is a good and all-in-one platform for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products online efficiently and seamlessly.

From a simple registration procedure to logistics aid, Meesho makes selling digitally easy. Using the Meesho seller dashboard, sellers can add products from many categories and reach more customers. Moreover, the platform’s user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, marketing help, safe payment system, and dedicated aid make it an optimal alternative for elevating your business.

So, regardless of the fact, that you are a new seller or an experienced one, Meesho marketplace is a top-notch platform for selling your desired products as it extends great tools and resources required to succeed in the online marketplace and B2B portal.

Happy Selling!

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