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Myntra Partner Portal: Weaving Your Way Into How to Sell on Myntra

Exploring the world of online shopping? Myntra Seller stands out as a key medium in the dynamic globe of e-commerce, catering to both fashion lovers and retailers. Choosing to sell on Myntra could open doors to an entirely new world of opportunities. Our in-depth guide makes the difficult process of becoming a Myntra partner portal smoother. It guides you through the eligibility requirements, advantages and disadvantages, and categorization of products, as well as the registration process. It also explains what’s required for a successful Kickstarter, which helps you better understand and execute the entire process.

Documents Required for Myntra Seller Portal Registration

To complete your Myntra Seller login and registration, certain documents are mandatory. These typically include your:

  • GST registration certificate.
  • PAN card.
  • Canceled cheque.
  • Business address proof.

Ensure that these documents are readily available to streamline the registration process.

Eligibility To Become A Seller On Myntra Partner Portal

Sellers looking, how to sell on Myntra must meet specific eligibility requirements to guarantee a high-quality shopping journey for customers. Those businesses that hold a valid GST registration and are dedicated to providing top-quality products are invited to join. By sticking to this strict selection procedure, Myntra seller portal upholds its renowned status for providing exceptional fashion items.

Here are some common requirements that must be met in order to be approved for selling on Myntra’s partner portal:

Business Verification: 

It is necessary to have a business that is legally registered, such as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. It is necessary to have certain documents, including a PAN card, GST certificate, evidence of business registration, canceled checks, etc.

Product and Inventory Needs:

To list on Myntra seller portal, you need to have genuine, branded items from authorised categories, including apparel, accessories, and shoes. Keep enough inventory on hand to easily fulfill orders.

Operational Capabilities: 

Use Myntra’s logistics partners to pack and send purchases to customers throughout India. Human resources that are committed to handling orders, inventories, and customer service.

Performance Metrics: 

Keep up excellent performance ratings on Myntra-set metrics such as order defect rate, cancellation rate, and delivery timeframes.

Give quick responses to consumer complaints.

Terms & Charges:

Accept the terms and conditions and seller policies of Myntra. As per Myntra’s pricing, pay commission rates on sales and an annual selling charge.

In order to be approved, you must submit the necessary seller registration paperwork and have Myntra’s experts review your company and merchandise to make sure they comply with their standards.

How to Sell on Myntra – 4 Steps Myntra Seller Registration Process

By carefully following the defined steps, you can get approved as a seller on Myntra’s b2b online marketplace, unlocking extensive opportunities to reach their vast customer base and grow your business. Follow the Myntra seller login registration process:

Visit the Myntra Seller Portal: Navigate to the official Myntra partner portal website on your web browser.

1. Sign Up Process:

Myntra seller login
  • New users can create a seller account by clicking on “Sign Up.” Existing users can opt for Myntra Seller Login using their credentials.
  • Fill in the mobile number and submit the OTP for mobile number verification.
  • After that, you have to verify the official business email address. (If you don’t have a business email address, you can also use a Gmail ID).
  • Now, you have to submit your name and create the Myntra seller login password.
  • After submitting these details Now, you can visit your partner portal (login through the Gmail ID and password that you created).

2. Fill the Details in Myntra Partner Portal

myntra partner portal

  • GST Details: Provide your Goods and Services Tax Identification Number for alignment with your official business documents.(Based on your GST number, some of the details in the form will be automatically filled.) Verify the accuracy of this data to prevent any inconsistencies in your company’s enlisted details.
  • Provide Business Details: Provide crucial business information such as business name, type, and contact details.
  • Warehouse Details: If you are using any 3PL & Warehousing services (address, contact number, etc.)
  • Bank Account Information: Provide accurate current bank account details for seamless transaction processes.
  • Verify Contact Information: Verify the contact information provided during registration. Myntra may use this information for communication, so it’s essential to ensure accuracy.
  • Document Upload: Upload the required documents for verification. Ensure that the documents are clear and valid.

3. Agree to Terms and Conditions

  • Business Verification: Await the verification process. Myntra will review the provided information and documents. This stage may take some time, so be forbearing. You may receive communication from Myntra during this period.
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions: Once verified, carefully read and agree to Myntra’s terms and conditions for sellers.

4. Myntra Online Store Setup

  • Set Up Your Store: Customize your seller profile by putting appropriate data about your brand, uploading a logo, and developing a stunning store layout.
  • Upload Product Listings: Furnish high-quality images, explicit product explanations, and accurate pricing. Ensure that your products align with Myntra’s fashion and lifestyle priorities.
  • Set Pricing and Discounts: Specify your pricing technique and contemplate any promotional or deal proposals you may want to furnish. Myntra often facilitates sellers on How to Sell on Myntra and shows competitive costs and tempting deals.
  • Launch Your Store: After completing all the steps, launch your store on Myntra Seller Portal. Your products will be directly visible to Myntra’s extensive consumer base, and you can start managing orders and developing your business on the platform.

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Pros and Cons of Selling Products on the Myntra App

Pros of Selling Products on Myntra

1. Vast Customer Base

With so many users, Myntra provides sellers with a vast market of potential customers. This comprehensive reach improves the visibility of your products and boosts the probability of successful sales.

2. Brand Visibility

Associating your products with Myntra’s well-established brand enhances credibility. The platform’s reputation for offering quality fashion products can positively influence consumer trust, contributing to increased sales.

3. Comprehensive Marketing Support

Myntra employs powerful marketing strategies to support its sellers and their products, with a focus on implementing regular promotions, discounts, and featured listings. These initiatives aim to enhance visibility for sellers and boost opportunities for increased sales.

4. User-Friendly Selling Portal

The design of the Myntra Seller Portal seeks to improve user experience by furnishing a user-friendly scaffold for dealers to list and manage their products efficiently. This portal enables dealers to conveniently scrutinize sales, handle inventory, and examine performance data, leading to a more efficient and organized selling procedure.

Cons of Selling Products on Myntra

1. Intense Competition

Myntra’s popularity leads to high competition among dealers on the medium. Dealers need to utilize strategic marketing and unique selling facts to differentiate from their competitors.

2. Commission and Fees

Myntra provides a platform for sellers to reach a wide audience. Sellers are charged commission fees and additional costs for services like packaging and logistics. Managing these expenses is important for conserving profitability.

3. Commitment to Policies

Myntra has strict policies for product quality and brand integrity. Dealers must pursue these policies or face liabilities or disposal from the platform. Some dealers find it difficult to comply with these strict Policies.

4. Limited Product Categories

Myntra specializes in fashion and lifestyle products. Other classifications may not be as convenient for sellers on the platform. Important to align your product with Myntra’s target audience and offerings.

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What Kind of Products Seller Can be Sold on the Myntra Seller Portal?

Myntra seller mainly caters to the fashion and lifestyle components. Ensure your product aligns with Myntra’s brand ethos to maximize your opportunities for victory on the platform.

1. Fashion Apparel

Myntra especially caters to dealers offering a wide spectrum of trendy clothing for men, women, and children.

2. Accessories

Sellers can showcase and sell additional accessories, comprising jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other stylish accessories.

3. Footwear

The medium welcomes sellers specializing in trendy and stylish footwear for varied age groups and propensities.

4. Beauty and Personal Care

Myntra furnishes a medium for dealers offering beauty and personal maintenance products, such as skincare, makeup, and grooming requirements.

5. Home and Lifestyle Products

While the primary emphasis is on fashion, dealers can analyze limited classifications of residence and lifestyle products that complement Myntra’s style-centric method.

Banned Product on Myntra

To maintain brand goodness and adhere to lawful ordinances, Myntra prohibits a lot of specific products. These may include:

  • Fake items
  • Illegal or restricted goods
  • Products that violate intellectual property rights.

Familiarize yourself with the list of banned products to avoid any complications.

Myntra Seller Fees and Product Fees

Understanding Myntra seller fees is crucial for businesses. Myntra charges a commission on each sale and has additional fees for services like packaging and logistics services. Myntra usually charges 4-5% commission on products. Familiarize yourself with the fee structure to ensure a competitive and profitable pricing strategy.

Other Things Required to Start Selling Products on Myntra

To succeed on Myntra Seller Central, focus on both digital and physical aspects:

  • Build an appealing product catalog with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • Invest in an efficient invoice printer, sturdy packing material, and a reliable shipping partner.
  • These elements contribute to a smooth order fulfillment process, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Becoming a successful seller on Myntra’s online marketplace requires a multidimensional strategy based on careful planning, constant compliance with the platform’s rules, and a general dedication to providing outstanding products and client experiences. Once you learn how to sell on Myntra, the complexities of registering, meeting the eligibility standards, and fulfilling necessary conditions, you’ll pave your route to triumph in the lively realm of Myntra’s online marketplace. Dive into the journey, explore the various opportunities presented, and witness your enterprise thrive on this dynamic stage.

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