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3 day Delivery Turnaround time for a major pharma client

Problem : India’s second largest medical equipment manufacturer approached us for 3PL services which could help them achieve deliveries pan India within 3 days .

Approach: We analyzed the sales data of the company and proposed them regional distribution centers at key locations based on their sales volume. Before tying with us they were distributing pan India from only one state i.e. Punjab. We took over the responsibility for both warehousing and transportation.

The regional distribution centers acted as catalyst to distribute the operations workload thereby improving performance on order processing accuracy as well.

Most of the customer delivery locations were small towns in remote areas, hence, it was important for us to find the right transporter mix which specialized in deliveries to certain regions. We analysed the relative strengths of various transporters and finalized a pin-code level transport selection along with our client. We had to ensure the transporter though providing highly customized services for certain regions, did have proper digital infra for tracking and POD provision. Outcome: The client started with one DC to experiment our solution with us and gradually expanded to 1 more over a period of 6 months. In future they plan that according to their business volume they will expand more DC’s with us. The turnaround time of 3 days is achieved for 90% of their orders with the exception of some extremely remote/ODA locations.

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