Redesigning the warehouse for a leading Textile Exporter Aaj Enterprises February 8, 2022

Warehouse Management

Redesigning the warehouse for a leading Textile Exporter

Addressing Complex Challenges 

The leading textile exporter specializing in carpets and rugs faced a significant challenge in managing their sprawling operations. Their inventory management had become a convoluted web with a manufacturing plant spread across a 10-acre land and multiple warehousing sheds within the compound. Compounded by the absence of a warehouse management system (WMS) and defined processes, the company struggled to control their inventory effectively. 

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, the company sought external expertise to help streamline its warehousing operations. They turned to us for our logistics prowess and warehouse optimization strategies, hoping to unravel the complexities and unlock the untapped potential within their warehouse and logistics.

Our Strategy: Simplifying Complexities and Finding Solutions

Our approach began with meticulously examining the company’s sales and inventory data. We analyzed their extensive product range’s challenges, discovering that even slight variations in colour yarn resulted in numerous unique SKUs. Armed with this knowledge, we devised a comprehensive strategy to optimize the warehouse and implement efficient processes.

With the vision set, the team optimised the warehouse for bundled yarns. We meticulously crafted a unique racking layout tailored to accommodate the delicate nature of the bundles. In a stroke of innovation, we introduced pallet straps to hold odd-sized bundles together securely. This ingenious solution minimized the risk of tangling and enhanced accessibility to the inventory.

Recognizing the importance of a solid foundation, we actively participated in floor strength planning and the architectural design of the warehouse. We aimed to create a space that showcased the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship while maximizing storage capacity.

Simultaneously, we developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) tailored to the company’s requirements. These SOPs were designed to be lean, easy to implement, and suitable for unskilled labour. We ensured a seamless transition to the new warehouse processes by incorporating their cherished traditions and attention to detail.

Outcome: The Power of Streamlined Efficiency

The impact of our efforts was transformative. The redesigned warehouse witnessed a remarkable 200% increase in storage capacity, enabling the company to consolidate its inventory effectively. This consolidation and improved inventory traceability through location-wise mapping streamlined their operations significantly.

We integrated a state-of-the-art WMS into the warehouse environment to enhance efficiency further. Equipped with handheld scanners, the WMS facilitated real-time data synchronization, enabling accurate inventory tracking and management. This integration improved order fulfilment and provided valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

With the optimized warehouse and efficient WMS, the company experienced a newfound agility in meeting customer demands. They were able to leverage their consolidated inventory and synchronized data to enhance their relationships with European buyers. The streamlined processes and increased efficiency allowed them to cement their reputation as a reliable exporter of premium textiles.

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