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Top 10 Best Logistics Companies in Maharashtra | Benefits of Outsourcing

Maharashtra, known as the economic state of India, has seen a revolutionary transformation in the logistics segment. Modern transport routes have improved how goods are moved through the states and cities. These routes begin at the Mumbai ports and include important industrial cities like Pune and Nagpur.

In 2023, Maharashtra’s logistics market was worth $15 billion, showing an impressive annual growth of 8%. This growth is due to the state’s strategic position, well-grown infrastructure, and the rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

Additionally, Mumbai’s Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) handles 50% of India’s container cargo, making it the largest container port in the country. Therefore, Maharashtra has become a critical player in India’s import/export chain network.

Top 10 Logistics Companies in Maharashtra

Here is a list of the top 10 logistics companies in Maharashtra that have a strong presence in the region.

  1. AAJ Enterprises
  2. SNGT Group
  3. Ryal Logistics
  4. V-Xpress
  5. Cargosol Logistics
  6. Freightwalla
  7. Logistics Junction
  8. JustDeliveries
  9. Trocko
  10. MatchLog

1. AAJ Enterprises

Based on satisfaction, quality of service provision, and innovation in the space, AAJ Enterprises has become the leading logistics company in Maharashtra.

AAJ Enterprises was founded in 2005. The agile dispersion of AAJ Enterprises matches the tech-driven approach. AAJ Enterprises deals in all aspects of supply chain management to provide credible, accessible, and affordable solutions. With automation and data analytics as the primary tools for maintaining high efficiency and customer satisfaction, it has become the top logistics and warehousing service provider.

In 2023, AAJ Enterprises also launched AAJ Swift, a transport company that stands out today as a pioneering B2B PTL service and continues expanding nationwide.

Besides these facts, you must also know that AAJ Enterprises is recognized with top logistics awards. For instance, AAJ Enterprises has the Best Tech-Driven 3PL Service Provider award. This award was presented to AAJ Enterprises due to top management’s support of integrity, clients, and efficient service delivery.

Moreover, AAJ Enterprises offers modern, well-equipped warehouse storage facilities for various businesses and flexible storage solutions tailored to companies of all sizes.

2. SNGT Group

SNGT Group stands out as a top logistics and warehouse company in Maharashtra. Founded in 1991, the group has led in transport services across Maharashtra and Gujarat. SNGT Group includes Shree Nasik Goods Transport Company Private Limited. Its subsidiaries include 3X CargoCab and SNGT Warehousing.

SNGT has more than 75 branches and a fleet of 350+ vehicles. Additionally, it offers comprehensive warehouse logistics services and provides 450,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in its core regions. SNGT Group emphasizes service quality and customer satisfaction. It aims to become a public limited company by 2021 and is dedicated to transforming lives by helping drivers become owners.

3. Ryal Logistics

Ryal Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1997 by Mr. R.K. Agarwal as a private limited company. Ryal has already grown to become one of the premier players in Maharashtra’s logistics industry.

Regarding the authenticity of Ryal Logistics, it holds ISO, Custom Broking, FFFAI, FIATA, IATA, DGR, and MTO licenses. Ryal provides diverse logistics services under one roof. Ryal Logistics also offers specific services such as air and sea freight, customs brokerage, and warehousing. Furthermore, It has a pan-Indian network and global presence.

Not only that, Ryal Logistics has been in service for two decades, has bagged over 100 awards, and is associated with over 1,000 clients. Moreover, the kind and concentrated effort of R.K. Agarwal and his team contribute to Ryal’s success.

4. V-Xpress

V-Xpress is now seen as a leading logistics company in Maharashtra because it has grown rapidly. Vxpress offers dependable logistics services for various industries. Additionally, V-Xpress is the express cargo division of V-Trans India, which was founded in 1958. They are also certified under ISO 9001:2015.

V-Xpress aims to offer its services across most of India and strives to be one of the best express logistics companies. The company focuses on timely, safe deliveries and cost efficiency. V-Xpress possesses a skilled team consisting of more than 1000 employees. Currently, V-Express has more than 300 branches serving over 1 lakh locations. Besides, V-Xpress’s services include air, multimodal, and surface logistics.

5. Cargosol Logistics

Cargosol Logistics has existed since 2004. The company proclaims itself the best logistics company in Maharashtra. It is located in Mumbai, India, and is engaged in the movement of cargo. Cargosol offers reliable logistic solutions, such as sea and air freight, transportation, warehousing, and customs clearance.

The company also has a tremendous global network as it caters its services to around 170 countries, handling 15779 tons and 131995 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). Cargosol Logistics excels in NVOCC, freight forwarding, multimodal transportation, and hazardous cargo handling. Besides, Cargosol Logistics’s commitment lies in innovation and excellence, which ensures consistent customer satisfaction.

6. Freightwalla

Freightwalla is a top logistics company in Maharashtra that offers a comprehensive solution, focusing on digital forwarding for ocean freight. Their logistics platform is known for simplified shipping with quick quotes and real-time tracking.

Freightwalla also provides several sorts of freight forwarding, transportation, customs clearance, and value-added services. The company ensures that deliveries are cost-effective, timely, and with minimal paperwork errors.

Freightwalla works with major clients such as Aditya Birla Group and Bajaj Electricals. It also holds memberships in leading trade organizations. All in all, Freightwalla is aimed at streamlining global trade for Indian businesses.

7. Logistics Junction

Logistics Junction stands out as a top logistics company in Maharashtra. It also focuses significantly on technology, efficiency, and service quality.

Furthermore, Logistics Junction offers on-demand truck transport and real-time consignment tracking. Other services provided by Logistics Junction include road transportation, competitive pricing, and insurance for goods.

Logistics Junction caters to 200+ clients in different segments, such as steel, agro, and FMCG. Logistics Junction possesses more than 1200 vehicles and over 3000 transporters, which is impressive.

The platform of Logistics Junction also ensures economical, reliable, and professional haulage solutions. Hence, you can consider hiring trucks online in 45 seconds from the Logistics Junction platform. Moreover, you also get to track the loads in real-time.

8. JustDeliveries

JustDeliveries has gained its name in the industry as the best logistics company in Maharashtra for the F&B industry. They specialize in temperature-controlled logistics and mitigate food waste and inefficiencies in last-mile logistics.

JustDeliveries offers services such as deliveries to retail stores, e-commerce hubs, and QSRs. It employs air-conditioned minivans, ambient tempos, and refrigerated trucks and caters to cold storage, warehousing, and stock management.

In addition, JustDeliveries has already gained the trust of big brands like Naturals, Swiggy, and McDonald’s, ensuring safe and timely deliveries. Live tracking and centralized dashboards on JustDeliveries also give complete visibility.

9. Trocko

Trocko has established itself as one of Maharashtra’s top 10 logistics companies. Trocko is a Pune-based logistics company that specializes in intracity shipping. The company also offers a fleet from the Tata Ace to the Tata 909 equipped with GPS for real-time tracking.

Talking about its incorporation, Trocko was founded in 2015. Today, Trocko operates in the B2B space of the gig economy and logistics tech markets. With more than 1000 vehicles and over 200 clients, Trocko ensures low-cost, reliable service with 100% uptime.

However, Trocko personalizes special services such as FLEX, DASH, and CONNECT, concentrating on supplier satisfaction and efficient order delivery throughout the top Indian cities.

10. MatchLog

In Today’s scenario, MatchLog stands out from others as a pioneering logistics company in Maharashtra. MatchLog aims to decarbonize supply chains. MatchLog optimizes cargo movements by employing their proprietary Transport Management System (TMS), MiSTY for network points, and STinder to re-usage containers.

With more than 2,00,000 containers matched, MatchLog has successfully saved over 60 million empty kilometres and reduced 40,000 tons of CO2. The platform of MatchLog integrates street turn logistics, powering efficiency and mitigating environmental effects.

The mission of MatchLog lies in developing an international logistics network that saves billions of kilometers of waste. MatchLog simultaneously offers smooth solutions and vital cost savings throughout domestic and EXIM lanes.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Logistics Service Provider in Maharashtra

Here is the list of the factors that will aid you in choosing the best logistics company in Maharashtra regardless of your requirements:

  • Reputation and Experience: Choose a logistics company with a strong track record and extensive industry experience.
  • Range of Services: Make sure that the logistics company provides wholesome services, including warehousing service, transport service, ecommerce fulfillment, returns management, and value-added services.
  • Technology Integration: Choose logistics companies in Maharashtra that use advanced technology for real-time tracking and efficient supply chain management.
  • Geographical Coverage: Pick a logistics service provider in Maharashtra that covers the entire state, especially important cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur.
  • Customer Support: Do not forget to analyze the quality of consumer service and support for seamless logistics and warehouse operations in Maharashtra.

Benefits of Choosing Maharashtra’s Logistics Companies

The commercial capital of India offers the following advantages of outsourcing to a Maharashtra logistics company:

  • Strategic Location: This has given the logistics firms in Maharashtra a competitive edge. Thanks to Mahrashtra’s strategic location, it also improves connection and eliminates transit time.
  • Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Different businesses consider logistic companies in the states with modern infrastructure facilities like ports, Highways, etc., and need fewer rail facilities, and Maharashtra has all these in hand.
  • Experienced Providers: Any good logistics company established in Maharashtra will have years of experience.
  • Comprehensive Services: The top logistics company in Maharashtra offers almost every logistic service that stays relevant to the businesses including services concerning storage and transportation.
  • Technology Integration: Major logistics firms in Maharashtra provide the best modern technology for tracking, managing stocks, and creating supply chain networks.
  • Strong Network: The top 10 companies of logistics in Maharashtra have network linkages to offer timely, accurate, and efficient services.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the logistics space in Maharashtra has been consistently thriving rapidly over the past few years, supported by a large number of capable and dedicated local companies. Thus, opting for a logistics company in Maharashtra can benefit your business with local expertise, cost-efficient services, and reliable solutions personalized to your particular requirements.

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