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3PL Companies in India for Small & eCommerce Business – [2024 List] Aaj Enterprises January 2, 2024

A 3PL, or third-party logistics company, is like your logistics ally in Business. They take care of all the nitty-gritty involved in handling your procurement and fulfillment activities. Picture them as your go-to experts for anything related to storing or shipping items. 3PL service could be a specialized provider focusing on transportation or warehouse storage. So, whether it is about moving your goods from place A to place B or changing the entire logistics, 3PL Companies always stands with you.

Top 7 (3rd Party Logistics) 3PL Companies in India for Small and eCommerce Businesses

In the dynamic landscape of Indian logistics, several 3PL companies stand out for their tailored solutions catering to the needs of small and eCommerce businesses. Here’s a snapshot of the top seven best 3PLs for small Businesses making waves in the industry:

AAJ Enterprises:

Elevate your supply chain with AAJ Enterprise seamless warehousing and fulfillment. Benefit from cost-effective warehousing services, on-site operations, and specialized RMS software for efficient returns. AAJ ensures end-to-end transportation visibility and value-added services for a top-tier third-party supply chain experience. AAJ Enterprises is considered one of the best 3PLs for small businesses.

  • Cost-Effective Warehousing: Benefit from AAJ’s cost-effective 3PL and warehousing services, optimizing storage solutions to minimize overall logistics expenses.
  • On-Site Operations: AAJ provides on-site operations with a hands-on approach, enhancing the efficiency of logistics management.
  • In-House WMS: AAJ Enterprises has in-house warehouse management software. Live Tracking, Order Management, Inventory Control, and Seamless Integration are some key features of Our WMS.
  • Specialized RMS Software: Utilize AAJ’s specialized Return Management System (RMS) software for efficient handling of returns, contributing to a hassle-free supply chain.
  • AAJ Swift: Ensure end-to-end transportation visibility and experience top-tier third-party supply chain services with AAJ Swift.


Delhivery is one of the Indian third-party logistics companies, It offers end-to-end solutions, seamlessly integrating with eCommerce platforms. Small businesses thrive with robust services, including last-mile delivery and order fulfillment.

  • End-to-End Solutions: Delhivery, a third-party logistics company, offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrated with various eCommerce platforms.
  • Small Business Thrive: Small businesses thrive with Delhivery’s robust services, including last-mile delivery and efficient order fulfillment.
  • Seamless Integration: Benefit from seamless integration with Delhivery’s services, facilitating a smooth and efficient logistics experience.

Warehousing Express Logistics:

Large businesses alike benefit from their reliable services, ensuring efficient storage and timely deliveries. It believes in creating a harmonious synergy between function, labor, and space to not only cut down on costs but also seamlessly propel its client’s products through the supply chain.

  • Streamlined Storage: Warehousing Express prioritizes seamless storage solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses for efficient inventory management.
  • Dependable Distribution: Businesses can rely on Warehousing Express for dependable distribution services, ensuring that products reach their destinations in a timely and secure manner.


Prozo stands out as a trusted partner in logistics services, specializing in comprehensive solutions for businesses. Their commitment to excellence ensures that clients experience smooth operations, from storage to distribution.

  • Comprehensive Logistics: Prozo offers end-to-end logistics solutions, addressing the varied needs of businesses with a focus on excellence in every aspect of storage and distribution.
  • Smooth Operations: Clients partnering with Prozo can expect smooth and efficient operations, thanks to their dedication to providing reliable logistics services tailored to individual business requirements.


WareIQ takes pride in its commitment to warehousing solutions, offering businesses a reliable platform for storage and distribution needs. With a focus on innovation, WareIQ ensures that clients experience modern and effective logistics solutions.

  • Efficient Warehousing: WareIQ emphasizes efficiency in warehousing solutions, providing businesses with a platform that optimizes storage and distribution processes.
  • Innovative Logistics: Businesses partnering with WareIQ benefit from innovative logistics solutions, keeping them at the forefront of modern and effective supply chain management.


Warehousenow is a dedicated player in the logistics arena, specializing in on-demand warehousing solutions. With a focus on adaptability and flexibility, WHnow ensures that businesses can meet their storage and distribution needs efficiently.

  • On-Demand Solutions: Warehousenow offers on-demand warehousing solutions, allowing businesses to adapt to changing demands and ensuring that storage requirements are met efficiently.
  • Adaptable and Flexible: Businesses partnering with Warehousenow experience adaptability and flexibility in their logistics solutions, enabling them to navigate the dynamic landscape of storage and distribution seamlessly.


QuickShift takes pride in its e-commerce fulfillment services, providing businesses with a swift and reliable platform for their storage and distribution requirements. With a focus on speed and efficiency, QuickShift ensures that clients can meet the fast-paced demands of the market.

  • Swift and Reliable: QuickShift offers businesses a logistics platform that is both swift and reliable, ensuring that products are moved efficiently to meet market demands.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Clients partnering with QuickShift benefit from a logistics solution that prioritizes speed and efficiency, allowing them to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

These 3PL companies in India play a pivotal role in supporting the growth of small and eCommerce businesses, offering them scalable and efficient logistics solutions to navigate the complexities of the supply chain.

The 3PL Order Fulfilment Process

Order Fulfilment Process

3PL fulfillment is essentially entrusting the entire process of handling your eCommerce, wholesale, or retail orders to an external warehousing and logistics company. The beauty of it? You just forward your orders to these fulfillment centers, and the 3PL providers take charge of all the intricate logistics services and fulfillment tasks for you.

When you opt for a 3PL logistic company, you’re essentially getting a comprehensive package that covers crucial aspects such as warehousing, inventory management, picking and packing, shipping, and even reverse logistics.

Ensuring a seamless 3PL fulfillment process is pivotal for customer satisfaction and the growth of your Business. Let’s go through the key steps:

1. Products arrive, get barcodes, packed, and shipped to the warehouse. Barcode scans and checks ensure accurate receipt, concluding with the goods receipt note (GRN).

2. Warehousing services involve storing products in bins, strategically divided zones, aisles, racks, and shelves. Each scanned and stored product is ready for sale.

3. Order comes in, generating a picklist. Operators gather items, potentially consolidating orders for efficiency. Products are scanned and picked using handheld terminals (HHT devices).

4. After picking, items move to the packaging station. Product codes are scanned and matched with sales orders or labels to generate invoices. The final touch involves packing and labeling.

5. Weight discrepancies are a no-no. Packed products undergo a final scan to verify weight and dimensions, minimizing disputes with courier partners.

6. Shipping involves dividing shipments based on courier partners for efficiency. Details sorted from manifest generation to scheduled pickups. The Courier executive takes over for delivery.

8 Most Valuable 3PL Services to Look for

Valuable 3PL Service

3PLs handle everything from getting your goods, storing them, packing, to shipping. Some go the extra mile with added perks, known as value-added services, making your logistics experience even smoother. Let us look into the eight most valuable 3PL services:

  1. Order Fulfilment: Process and dispatch orders in an efficient manner to guarantee prompt delivery and client satisfaction.
  2. Warehousing Solutions: Access secure and flexible storage options tailored to your inventory needs.
  3. Transportation Management: Streamline shipping with end-to-end visibility and diverse transport options.
  4. Technology Integration: Leverage advanced systems for real-time tracking, inventory management, and seamless communication.
  5. Returns Handling: Benefit from specialized software and facilities to manage returns effectively.
  6. Customized Packaging: Enhance brand image and reduce transit risks with tailored packaging solutions.
  7. Value-Added Services: Optimize operations with additional services like kitting, labeling, and quality control.
  8. Scalability and Flexibility: Grow your Business without worry as 3PL services adapt to changing needs and market demands, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Top 5 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Third-Party Logistics Company

Navigating the world of logistics outsourcing can seem like a daunting task. When venturing into a partnership with a third-party logistics (3PL) company, careful consideration is key. Not every 3PL fits every Business, and finding the right match requires a bit of time and insight.

While solutions for your challenges are paramount, there are other pivotal factors to take into account. Here are five essential qualities to look for in a 3PL:

1. Pro Reputation: Pick a 3PL with a solid rep—happy clients, kudos from vendors, and a seasoned history. Their industry cred means valuable connections when you need them. And this can be achieved by reliable and cost-effective warehousing by AAJ Enterprise.

2. Tech Savvy: Choose a 3PL that clicks with your tech. Seamless integration, a smooth inventory system, and data insights should be in their logistics tech arsenal. With a tech savvy 3PL company, you can smoothly update your current technology without much dispute.

3. Top-Notch Service: You’re not just a number. Opt for a 3PL that treats your Business like a VIP. AAJ Enterprises has been in these industries for 15 years and understands the needs of its customers efficiently.

4. Flexibility and Accuracy: Precision is key—no wrong items or late deliveries. Look for accuracy commitment across the supply chain. 3PL Companies in India seamlessly optimize your supply chains for continuous growth and development.

5. Data Security: Don’t overlook data protection. It may be invisible, but it protects our data physically. Get hold of zero capex cost service by 3PL logistics companies in India and treasure your data.

What are the Benefits of Working with a 3PL?

Collaborating with a 3PL logistics company in India allows businesses to focus on their core operations while experts handle warehousing in India, shipping, and distribution. Let us understand its advantages:

Strong Relationships

   – 3PL fosters long-term strategic partnerships, focusing on your Business, unlike transactional transportation brokers.

   – 92% of 3PL consumers and 95% of suppliers consider their connections effective, yielding positive outcomes.

Cost Efficiency

   – 3PL’s extensive network allows for cost-effective shipping rates.

   – In-house logistics management is costly; 3PL leverages economies of scale for affordability.


   – 3PL services provide specialized logistical expertise that proves beneficial for their customers.

   – Specialization enhances the efficiency of the services provided by 3PL companies.

Advanced Technology

   – 3PLs possess superior technology compared to in-house logistics.

   – Advanced tech enhances speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

Stress Reduction

   – Outsourcing to a 3PL for small business transfers logistics responsibility to experienced hands.

   – Reliance on a 3PL’s assets and expertise eases the burden on the company.

Swift Delivery

   – 3PLs leverage extensive delivery fleets and nationwide warehouses for timely order fulfillment.

   – Enables quick response to market demands, influenced by trends like AAJ Swift’s fast delivery.


   – 3rd-party logistics companies facilitate quick adaptation to changing consumer needs.

   – Enables companies to respond promptly and flexibly to evolving market conditions.

   –  Most third-party logistics companies focus on specific areas of the supply chain, allowing organizations to concentrate on core competencies.

Real-Time Tracking

   – 3rd-party logistics companies offer efficient order tracking systems for transparency.

   – Real-time tracking builds customer loyalty by keeping them informed about order status.

Warehouse Management

    – 3rd party logistics companies provide warehousing options, managing inventory for eCommerce and small companies.

    – Efficient warehouse management by 3PLs accelerates order fulfillment and relieves clients of inventory burdens.

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