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Top 10 Shipping Companies in India | Top Rated List of 2024

Shipping Industry in India (Overview)

Looking at the status of the shipping industry in India, it is evident that there has been a tremendous improvement in the past decade. In other words, changing the course from the simple initial stages to an important contributor to the world supply chain.

As far as the size of the coast is concerned, India has a coastline of 7,500 kilometers. In 2023, the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, envisioned a blueprint of ‘Maritime Amrit Kaal Vision 2047.’ This has prospects in the logistics, infrastructural, and shipping sectors for India’s marketed ‘Blue Economy.’

Besides, India’s international shipment index position rose to 22nd against 44th in 2014. Some of the key shipping locations – Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, have been very strategic in this expansion process.

Moreover, the Rs. 2.91 lakh crore Sagarmala project aims to modernize ports, power up connectivity and spread port-led industrialization. As can be seen from the details, it demonstrates that the Indian government has paid a great deal in building up the shipping industry.

Moreover, the positive element of the above picture is that while there is a total of 234 sub-projects, 94 projects amounting to Rs. 31,517 crore have been completed, and 65 amounting to Rs. 79,958 crore are in the action stage.

Top 10 Shipping Companies in India

Here are the details of the top 10 shipping companies in India. These shipping companies topped the list during the period when the growth rate of the industry was very high.

1. AAJ Swift:

AAJ Swift stands out as the best shipping company in India, founded in 2021. AAJ Swift is a subsidiary company of AAJ Enterprises. The core commitment of AAJ Swift lies in excellent consumer satisfaction. AAJ Swift has attained the name of the leader in the shipping space in India regarding timely delivery—95% on-time delivery—making sure shipments reach their destinations promptly.

Additionally, an efficient network of AAJ Swift mitigates out-of-delivery area (ODA) problems, streamlining last-mile delivery and ensuring smooth returns management.

Till now, AAJ Swift has been able to handle 10K+ tons of delivery volume every year. Therefore, AAJ Swift has expanded to 750+ dedicated team members for transportation management in just seven years.

Besides, it stands out significantly with a 60K+ dedicated fleet for first-mile pickups. Furthermore, transparency at AAJ Swift is of the utmost importance, with 100% proof of delivery (POD) access extended to gain optimal trust with clients.

2. OM Logistics:

Since its inception, OM Logistics has found the suitable ground for sowing its seeds in becoming one of India’s largest and most preferred shipping and logistics companies. The foundation of Om Logistics was seeded back in the year 1997.

OM Logistics is recognized as a top shipping company in India and stands out because of its diversity across services. OM Logistics offers excellent shipping services, from freight forwarding and warehousing to transportation. OM Logistics is one of the leaders in terms of network since it has more than 1500 branches across India.

Thus, a crucial aspect of the company has been established based on innovation and technology in the shipping segment. Moreover, OM Logistics is the go-to shipping provider in India for many significant business entities.

3. Safexpress:

Safexpress is another big name logistics company in India which was established in the year 1997. The company has grown as one of the most respectable shipping companies engaged in shipping and logistics all over India.

Further, in terms of network reach of distribution centers, Safexpress has an extensive reach with 31,000 pin codes, making it one of the largest wholly in India. Safexpress presents a vast array of services, including express distribution, 3PL, and logistics consulting.

Moreover, Safexpress’ cutting-edge infrastructure and commitment to consumer satisfaction have garnered many awards, including the “Best Logistics Company” award from different industry bodies.

4. Blue Dart Express:

Blue Dart Express is a company in the shipping industry of India that does not need any introduction. The company was established in 1983.

Bluedart is often referred to as a synonym for a reliable and fast courier company. Blue Dart is a substitute for the DHL Group in the logistics segment. The company benefits from a steady air and land network to make sure deliveries are on time throughout the nation.

Furthermore, with a reach across 35,000 different places within the Indian sub-regions, Blue Dart is quite valuable and important as a domestic shipping company in India.

Moreover, Blue Dart has benefited from effective solutions it introduced to the market, including temperature-sensitive and e-commerce logistics solutions.

5. Gati Ltd:

Gati Limited is over two decades old since it was established in 1989. Over time, Gati Ltd. has become the top shipping company in India.

The company provides top shipping services in the Indian context. Moreover, Gati is well-known in the express distribution and supply chain solutions sector.

With a diverse network spread across 19,000 varying pin codes, Gati presents comprehensive shipping services in India. Gati Ltd.’s services are surface and air express, warehousing, and e-commerce logistics. The company’s core concentration lies in technological advancements such as automated warehousing and real-time tracking.

6. Allcargo Logistics:

Another prominent player at present in the shipping industry is Allcargo Logistics Limited formed in the year 1993. Allcargo has also emerged as the largest shipping company in India since it has a broad service offering.

Top services that Allcargo Logistics has to provide include multimodal transport operations, container freight stations, and inland container depots.

Besides, the physical locations and the coverage that Allcargo has provided are diverse. Diversifying ensures that the business seeking shipping solutions chooses Allcargo due to its extensive network. ALL Cargo has also effectively secured many industry recognitions regarding its sustainability and innovation strategies.

7. Transport Corporation of India (TCI):

Transport Corporation of India (TCI) stands out as another biggest shipping company in India, established in 1958. Also, TCI occupies a unique niche in the industry as one of the oldest and most popular logistics companies in India. Furthermore, the services of TCI include freight forwarder, supply chain, and warehousing services offered to businesses.

In addition, because of the massive number of branches that TCI has, they can guarantee efficient and quality service. This aspect also helps them become one of the best shipping companies in India. Additionally, TCI’s core concentration on digital transformation and customer satisfaction has been a core driver of their success in the space.

8. Mahindra Logistics:

In the context of discussing the brilliants of shipping companies in India, the name Mahindra Logistics requires no introduction. Mahindra Logistics is a part of the Mahindra Group. The company’s operational control lies in the hand of its chairman, Mr. Anand Mahindra. Mahindra Logistics has been engaged in providing end-to-end logistics solutions since its inception in the year 2000.

With a wide range of shipping services, Mahindra Logistics offers transport service, warehousing services, ecommerce fulfillment, and supply chain management services. Besides, the primary value of Mahindra Logistics is the commitment to action, embodied in innovation and the policy of sustainable development. Mahindra Logistics has established its name under the list of India’s top 10 shipping companies.

9. DTDC Express Limited:

DTDC Express Limited was incorporated in 1990 to function as an express courier company. DTDC Express Limited is one of the leading domestic shipping companies in India. Moreover, the company’s operational network ranges up to 10,500 sub-regions of the nation.

The appealing part of DTDC is that it offers a wide range of services, including courier, freight forwarding, and supply chain solutions. Furthermore, the key concentration of DTDC Express Limited lies in its technological advancements and customer-oriented approach.

10. VRL Logistics:

VRL Logistics was set up in 1976 and has made its way to the market achieving its reputation in the Indian shipping industry. They are the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India. VRL Logistics is Also into the 3PL and B2B warehousing Services.

Today, VRL Logistics is a well-known shipping company in the industry. The company focuses on services like freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, and parcel services with last-mile delivery, even in remote locations. VRL Logistics provides services spanning 24 states and 5 Union Territories, catering to diverse customers, including corporates, SMEs, and traders.

Benefits of Outsourcing Shipping Companies in India

Focusing on the top shipping companies in India is important because outsourcing to them offers many benefits. That includes boosting logistics processes and business performance in general. Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing to the shipping company:

  1. Expertise and Infrastructure:
    • Utilize the rich experience and infrastructure of the top shipping companies in India.
    • Maintain optimal and seamless logistic management solutions at reasonable prices.
  2. Extensive Networks:
    • Incorporate extensive networks that allow minimum transit time in the provision of services.
    • Optimize the direction of the supply chain via new, efficient technology tools.
  3. Focus on Core Competencies:
    • Enable companies to focus on key operations by eliminating issues to do with logistics.
    • Improve the organization’s overall effectiveness and allocate resources more effectively for the business.
  4. Strategic Location:
    • Easy access to the various domestic and international markets is provided by the strategic location of the country and its infrastructure facilities.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Company in India?

We mentioned the top 10 shipping companies in India earlier in the article. However, choosing the best one requires considering several important factors. Here are the key parameters that you can consider for your business when deciding to finalize a shipping company in India:

  1. Network and Reach
    • Evaluate the company’s network and accessibility of the delivery locations to ensure delivery is always on time.
  2. Range of Services
    • Assess the offered solutions for shipment and transportation services such as freight forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management.
  3. Technological Capabilities
    • Go for tracking features with real-time and attractive supply chain features.
  4. Customer Reviews and Recognitions
    • Use feedback from customers and professional reviews. You may understand whether the shipping company deserves its credit and meets all its obligations, providing quality services.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation
    • Consider the firm’s responsibility and loyalty towards sustainable and innovative solutions. Elements that can substantially contribute to the efficacy of services offered by the company.

In a Nutshell

To conclude, the shipping industry in India is ever-evolving, and the above list of shipping companies in India provides exceptional shipping services. Industry leaders like AAJ Swift, Safexpress, and OM Logistics maintain a persuasive lead based on strong networks, product innovation, and customer satisfaction. Outsourcing warehouse logistics operations to a top shipping company in India has numerous advantages, such as cost-cutting, enhancement of operations, and technology.

Hence, when choosing a shipping company in India, looking for a network reach, service range, technological advancement, customer feedback, and testimonies is vital.

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