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Top 10 Logistics Companies in Noida: Choose the Best One For Your Business

Noida’s economy primarily consists of commercial activities, as a consequence, requiring perfect systems of transportation and distribution. Therefore, selecting the right one from several logistics companies in Noida can bring about a great change in your logistics, or simply say, a great cut on costs and a pro on product delivery.

Here are the top 10 logistics companies in Noida in 2024 that are identified with their key features and statistics to enable you with a good choice. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Best Logistics Companies in Noida

The India logistics market growth touched the figure of US$ 282.3 Billion (Rs. 23.58 Lakh Crore) in 2023. However, according to the market research study conducted by IMARC Group, the market is highly expected to touch an advanced figure of US$ 557.15 Billion (Rs. 46.58 Lakh Crore) with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.85% during 2024-2032.

The core reason behind this is the the speedy growth of e-shopping and online retailing, the implementation of favorable government policies to undertake logistics services and emerging technological development are some of the core aspects that drive the market. Having said that, choosing the best logistics companies becomes extremely crucial and in the B2B world, you don’t aim to partner for short-term for your constant and core operations.

Therefore, below we have provided the top 10 logistics companies in Noida, India, which will give you a well-weighed idea of choosing the best logistics company fitting the best for your business. Let’s dive in!

1. AAJ Enterprises

Boasting affiliated integrates as well as end-to-end logistics, AAJ Enterprises is an unparalleled and Top Logistics company in Noida when it comes to warehousing to delivery. Following are some of the core aspects that turn AAJ Enterprises into the best logistics company in Noida:

  • Comprehensive Services: The services that AAJ Enterprises provides are end-to-end solutions that start with warehousing solutions and transport solutions ending with delivery solutions. They have hi-tech centers that span their area of operation, which is well over a million square feet.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: With the help of AI and IoT features, AAJ Enterprises uses the real-time track and predicts the analytics results which helps this logistics to be more responsive and transparent. Their use of technology has lowered the instances of delivery errors by 20%.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Clients have specifically acclaimed this company for their satisfactory and superior customer services, being said that, 98% of the firm’s clients are retained. Their customer support is available round the clock and their offerings are designed according to the requirements of their clients. All of this makes them popular in the Noida business market.

2. TCI Express

TCI Express has a vast connection and insists most on fast and effective delivery of your products. Take a look at some of the core aspects that turn TCI Express into the top logistics companies in Noida:

  • Extensive Network: Services are provided to more than 600 cities, which means that wherever your goods are located they will be collected by TCI Express. They have a large fleet of vehicles comprising more than 5000 vehicles and their delivery points reach 13000.
  • Speed and Efficiency: On its delivery service, TCI Express boasts of having a delivery turnaround time of not more than 48 hours. A reduction of 15% of the transport cost has been realized by their effective logistic model for many of their clients.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: TCI has been focused on sustainability and this was evident through procurement of electric ‘green’ cars and environment-friendly warehouses. They have managed to reduce their emissions by 25%. Thus, a role model for others in the industry.

3. Blue Dart

Thanks to extensive network facilities and intelligent solutions, Blue Dart stands out as a reliable logistics solutions provider for all supply augmentation requirements in India. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors that turn Blue Dart into one of the companies providing great Logistics Services in Noida:

  • Robust Infrastructure: Coverage is one of the major strengths of Blue Dart which caters to over 85 warehouses and 10,000 pin codes. Their infrastructure facilitates the management of more than a million shipments daily.
  • Innovative Solutions: As for operational efficiency, Blue Dart makes use of sophisticated tracking formalities such as RFID and abreast systems for sorting that marks a high level of precision. Their digital payment solution enables them to have smooth transactions.
  • Customer Trust: The company has a high rate of customer satisfaction where it stands on an average of 4. Twenty thousand plus customer reviews give an 8-star preference to the product. They are regarded as dependable because of their commitment to their clients thereby making them the best bet for logistics solutions.

4. DHL Express

DHL Express offers the customs of the global delivery network and introduces the ideas of data analysis and excellent employees. Let’s have a look at some of the key factors that turn DHL Express into one of the top logistics companies in Noida:

  • Global Expertise: On this level, the subsidiary of the global logistics company DHL group operates, DHL Express, which imposes international experience in logistics. It is present in over 220 countries which gives it access to probably the broadest geographic coverage.
  • Advanced Analytics: At DHL, big data is used to understand customers and their needs as well as to minimize the number of choices people make and even to recalculate optimal routes to its customers. They have cut average delivery time by 10% because of their use of analytics in decision-making.
  • Employee Excellence: DHL’s Human Resource Management strategy involves a marked focus on training so that its employees are well-equipped for the intricacies of the industry. Indeed from their drive towards offering the best services and products, they have been awarded many industry laureates.

5. Gati Limited

Gati Limited operates throughout India, and its specialized services cover various industries effectively and efficiently. Let’s have a look at some of the core aspects that turn Gati Limited into one of the best logistics companies in Noida:

  • Pan-India Presence: Gati Limited has its operation in 99 of the districts in India. They provide services within an extensive network of transport vehicles that are over 7000 in number and warehousing facilities of over 10 million square feet.
  • Specialized Services: Gati has solution portfolios across multiple sectors such as e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, and large manufacturing sectors. This guarantees the efficient sorting and conveying of stocks as their specialized services suggest.
  • Operational Efficiency: The application of automation in the Gati warehouses has led to a corresponding increase in productivity by 30% besides cutting down on errors in its services.

6. FedEx

Renowned for consistent delivery and adopting advanced technology in its operations, FedEx is capable of delivering goods throughout the world in the shortest time possible. Take a look at some of the key aspects that turn FedEx into one of the companies providing services of best logistics in Noida:

  • Reliable Delivery: The world’s most punctual courier service FedEx delivers 95% of the parcels within the agreed time. Using their large connections they have access to over 220 countries to ensure sound international supply chain management.
  • Global Integration: The customs clearance procedures and regulations are smoothly managed by FedEx in the international Business. There is a must for cohesion in their systems to facilitate easy cross-border transactions.
  • Technological Edge: An exploration of technology at FedEx shows drone delivery and AI for logistics and operations improve operations and output.

7. Safexpress

Safexpress has invested in numerous amount of vehicles and also, employee training to give shape to environment-friendly initiatives in the logistics industry. Let’s take a look at some of the core aspects that turn Safeexpress logistics in Noida:

  • Extensive Fleet: Safexpress currently has a fleet of more than 5000 vehicles for transportation which provide geographic coverage. Their logistics solutions are provided in 31,000 points across India.
  • Focus on Training: High service standards are maintained as a result of the ongoing training programs for the employees. A lot of resources are spent on staff training, thus, creating quality human capital to handle the organization’s operations.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Safexpress is one of the most committed companies in the sustainable logistics implementation of green logistics measures. On the environmental front, their sustainable activities have cut the carbon footprint by 20%.

8. Ecom Express

Being an e-commerce logistics provider, Ecom Express guarantees a very high delivery success with the help of advanced technology. Let’s take a look at some of the core aspects of Ecom Express logistics:

  • E-commerce Specialization: Ecom Express contains fast delivery services together with safe delivery solutions for online merchants. They process all sorts of shipments. Moreover, they affect over 2 million shipments daily.
  • High Delivery Success Rate: A success ratio of 97% has been achieved by Ecom Express in terms of delivery success and this has turned them into the first choice of giant e-commerce business houses. Through these components, they have described that their reliable services have increased the satisfaction of their clients to a greater extent.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Minimizing the occurrence of logistic risks, the company leverages machine learning to increase operational efficiency and the speed of delivery.

9. Delhivery

The scaling-up capability and innovation leadership property are two factors that have proved that Delhivery is a great logistics service provider with high transparency. Have a look at some of the core aspects that turn Delhivery into one of the best logistics companies in Noida:

  • Rapid Expansion: Very soon it has been able to reach more than 17500 postcodes. This growth is thanks to 12,000 automobiles and 85 fulfilment centres.
  • Innovation Leader: Delhivery has been one of the most innovative logistic companies satisfying customers by delivering accurate information through real-time tracking and sophisticated analysis.
  • Customer Satisfaction: It possesses a 4 rating. There are rare complaints of any sort when it comes to this 7-star service provision company with regarded and trusted clients.

10. DTDC

Last but not least, DTDC also definitely deserves a position in the top 10 logistics companies in India as it has wonderful community support for the regional requirements of logistic facilities and cheap services for its greater network. Take a look at some of the key factors that turn DTDC into one of the top 10 logistics companies in Noida:

  • Widespread Network: They have more than 10,000 franchises that are a part of DTDC which makes the logistics service provider have the most extensive coverage in India. It can be seen that their infrastructural design enables them to manage more than 12 million parcels monthly.
  • Affordable Services: It is a cheap logistics solution due to competitive pricing. The relatively cheap services offered by corporations have been received well in the market.
  • Strong Community Ties: It enables DTDC to focus tailor-made on the logistic requirements of a specific area. Social responsibilities that they undertake also boost their service availability.

Hence, people who want to identify the best logistics company based in Noida have to consider the following factors of any logistics company.

How to Choose the Best Logistics Companies in Noida?

top logistics company in Noida

Now, these are the top 10 logistics company in Noida, India, let’s talk about the fact that in case, you want to choose one out of them now, or even if wish to choose out of these 10, what are some of the factors that will lead you to deciding on the best. Well, in selecting the right logistic company in Noida, there are plenty of factors that must be put into consideration so that the business may have a smooth flow.

Although, here are some of the core yet crucial factors in choosing the Best Logistics in Noida:

Service Range:

The company must provide end-to-end Warehousing services such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, and delivery to the final consumer.

Example: If your business entails cross-border shipment delivery, such a firm as Germany integrated global warehouse and logistics company, DHL Express is ideal. On the other hand, for last-mile door to door delivery for orders made within the country’s city or town, there might be a need for a more specific company such as Ecom Express.


Shipment tracking and management are crucial to keep everything transparent and do not fork on complicated approaches for addressing it. Research for organizations that use the latest technologies including artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and tracking in real-time.

Example: An application of analytics by AAJ Enterprises to easily give an outlook of some of the likely hitches that may affect its functioning thereby allowing it to prevent such hitches from occurring.


Word of mouth from friends and families always passes useful information that puts the decision-maker at ease especially if the company being considered is reputable. Higher client satisfaction and better review rates are indicators of good services.

Example: Blue Dart already has a Delivery System with ‘4’. More than 20,000 reviews carried out by the 8-star customer testimonials make it a more trustworthy service.


You have to assess the pricing models to judge how they relate to your budgeting perspective. When considering the option, there needs to be a consideration of costs tempered with the quality that is expected as well.

Example: DTDC‘s main strategic marketing points are its prices, which are relatively low and can be very useful to small to medium businesses looking for quality services at cheaper rates.

Customer Support:

Concerning customer relations, it is critical to resolve customer complaints and quick and effective customer service is critical. Therefore, focus on the companies that provide around-the-clock assistance and have a strategic focus on customers.

Example: Client satisfaction is a strong suit at AAJ Enterprises – the company takes pride in a 98% client retention, evidenced by exceptional support by their representatives.

When selecting a logistics services in Noida, minute decisions make a huge difference. Hence, these elements should not be ignored.

Summing UP

To give it all a bottom stroke, the choice of the company you will employ for logistic services is crucial in determining your business operations.

In this blog, we have provided the list of logistics company in Noida based on the factors that make them unique in terms of their repo, the services that they offer, the technological solutions they extend, and the clients’ focus they put in.

If you analyze your logistic requirements well and choose the right logistics partner in Noida for your business, we can assure you that, with their expertise, you will surely and successfully manage your supply chain.

Partner with AAJ Enterprises: Choose the Best Logistic in Noida

The selection of the appropriate logistics provider is critical to ensure that your business attains the appropriate degree of success. At AAJ Enterprises, we provide numerous facilities of flexible warehousing & transport service in India, last-mile delivery with climate-controlled, IT integrated over 1 Million Sq. Ft. Poss.

The use of AI and IoT for tracking and predicting delivery efficiency helps us minimise the errors greatly that can be made about the delivery of the products. Consequently, AAJ Enterprises hold a great clientele strength with a 98% client retention rate, focusing on customer service and tailored solutions for their businesses. It’s the time to collaborate with us being our client and reach the stars of supply chain and procurement success.

Reach out to us at AAJ Enterprises today and get the customised solution according to the needs of your business!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Should I consider choosing a local logistics company in Noida?

Answer: Yes, you can as local logistics companies are usually more aware of the local market and provide individual solutions and faster response.

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