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3PLs And E-commerce: Efficient Order Processing For Dynamic Fulfilment.

When you hear the word Ecommerce fulfilment, the first thing that comes to mind is putting a product in a box and making it ready for the courier pick up. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Order fulfilment involves storing inventory, picking and packing products, and shipping online orders to customers. It is a simple yet complex process as it involves various stages. This process is effectively managed by a 3PL provider that helps in enhancing your eCommerce business.

Along with warehouse services, 3PL companies in India now offer effective and efficient eCommerce fulfilment services that enable eCommerce companies to focus on their core business— sales. They can hand over the entire order fulfilment function to a reliable 3PL provider and focus on increasing production, driving sales, making a profit, leading to business enhancement. Outsourcing order fulfilment can be very fruitful to any big or small eCommerce company as it can scale up your business like never before.

From warehousing the product or its components to assembling the product, packing the order in a box, labelling the order for shipment, Shipping it using couriers or delivery services, Pushing order updates to notify customers to finally managing your customer returns, an efficient 3PL provider takes care of all these functions for you, leaving you to take care of your eCommerce business.

Here’s how outsourcing order fulfilment can be very beneficial for your eCommerce business:

-Improved order processing

-Reduced shipping costs

-Reduced Operating Costs

-Extended reach

-Improved customer service

-innovative methods for best results

The Bottom line

Reliable fulfilment partners will act as a pillar for your organisation, add to its growth, assisting you with exploring the complexities related to logistics and supply chain, and last but not the least, keeping your clients upbeat by delivering your products to them on time, and in good quality.

Why is outsourcing fulfilment necessary?

Did you know that by the end of May 2020, eCommerce transactions reached $82.5 billion — a 77% increase from 2019? Well, If you at surprised, then don’t forget that the numbers are only going up as we speak.

While Covid-19 plays a major role in the sudden increase of the eCommerce industry, it is the technology and unlimited access to the Internet that is contributing to the drastic growth of eCommerce platforms.

In such a growing market, you need to have a competitive edge for better business expansion.

According to the latest survey, 73% of 3PL users agree that 3PLs provide new and innovative order fulfilment strategies to improve logistics effectiveness, helping your business grow.

Order processing and shipping can be complex and challenging task. Effective order fulfilment is one of the major factors deciding the future of your business. Unfortunately, several eCommerce establishments don’t give shipping and fulfilment on the time, though, and resources that it needs. This has the potential of harming a business.

It is imperative, therefore, to have an efficient order fulfilment process for better business opportunities. 3PL companies across the globe manage this process.

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