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Warehousing: A Deep dive

To an average person, a warehouse would be nothing but a godown, but it serves more than that, from real-time stock-taking to AI analyses and warehousing robotics, the possibilities of digitalization and automation are innumerable. However, when it comes down to choosing the type of warehouse you have to think between Maximum flexibility with a lot of manpower or an efficient and automated warehousing service.

Though the principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, the solutions have evolved a lot. From new automation techniques, urbanization, and the ever-growing advent world of e-commerce, storage is not space but the currency of a new tomorrow.

Warehouse: An Outsourced Approach

Storage space doesn’t have to be a gigantic big box labelled as a warehouse, it can be an empty garage or a room in your house but would it make sense to let an experienced business handle your goods?

Ideally, it would.

As soon as your business starts to grow to the point where some tasks can’t be performed in-house, having the right warehouse can be the key to making or breaking your success as an online business. As a result, it often makes sense for these budding businesses to outsource their warehousing and even order fulfilment responsibilities.

Depending on the needs of your business, a warehousing service that can go the extra mile by offering both space and order fulfilment services all under one roof could prove invaluable and hence outsourcing your inventory can be an invaluable benefit for you.

How can outsourcing your inventory can scale up your business?

With a simplified workflow, better expertise and lower risk of maintaining extra space and people, outsourcing your warehousing needs can be fruitful as it would lead to less capital investment, lower people management, and help you in focusing on the functional aspects of your business.

1. Smooth Operations: Running a business can be a tiring aspect of your life but outsourcing your warehousing needs can lead to less trouble on your plate and smoother business operations.

2. Technological advancement: 3PL companies whose forte is Warehousing logistics, delivering will have the top most technology and can offer you digitally well-equipped smart Warehouses, which are automated for improved productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

3. Reduced overhead costs: Outsourcing your warehousing operations can also save your company some serious investment. By sharing third-party facilities and an outsourced workforce, you can not only see instant savings and focus on more functional aspects of your business, where YOUR expertise lies!

Digitising Warehousing: What is Sustainable automation and robotics?

Warehouse automation is a reality in the making and one that is a part of the future digital transformation, but what is more important is how these warehouses serve their customers while keeping the environment in their mind?

Digital warehouses can simplify manual tasks with the help of a co-working environment between men and robots, but nowadays keeping sustainability in mind, companies are joining both their needs of the environment and automated workforce in Sustainable warehouses, an eco-friendly storage facility.

If you are on the fence and having trouble deciding whether to have your warehouse or handling operations in-house, it’s time to evaluate your decisions. No matter if you are a high-end retailer or an entrepreneur who makes masks at home, there will come a time when you will need a warehouse to store your stock in.

Contact third-party operators. Run their numbers. Compare logistics and costs. Warehouse digitalization is a reality in making that the industry must come to terms with to thrive amongst the increasing competition and market pressures.

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