0 to 80,000 Products – A Case of Overcoming Supply Chains Obstacles Aaj Enterprises December 21, 2021

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0 to 80,000 Products – A Case of Overcoming Supply Chains Obstacles

One of our clients, is the first community commerce business combined with E-commerce having a wide variety of products from apparel to accessories.

Services Provided: Warehousing & E-commerce Fulfilment

The Challenge

The client faced hurdles in managing their inventory and order processing due to increase in customer demand.

This resulted in around 20,000 pending orders that weren’t completed because of the supply chain and inventory issues they were facing while trying to manage warehousing and supply chain operations on their own.

The Impact

They decided to trust AAJ Enterprises with their warehousing operations and transport service, to focus on their own core competencies of digital marketing and business development, hoping for hassle-free supply chain logistics services.

Maintenance of service and inventory accuracy was possible through integration of their e-commerce platform with our in-house Warehouse Management System (WMS) along with a streamlined process of barcoding their products to ensure turn-around-time (TAT) & SOP adherence while providing live tracking of orders.

The Outcome

They gradually increased their inventory accredited to the flexibility and scalability that we aim to provide for our clients’ business growth. We also helped successfully execute new product launches without delay.

They also benefitted from our transportation network ecosystem that we’ve built over the years to provide our clients with access to metropolitan cities to improve their business reach.

We, now manage 80,000+ products for them at our Bangalore warehouse and process 400-500 daily orders along with returns management, ensuring dispatch within 24 hours to multiple Indian states.

This was possible due to the diligent efforts of our employees aligned with our organisation’s united mission of solving complex supply chain problems with reliable, cost effective and innovative solutions. Our comprehensive bouquet of services is thoughtfully designed to offer clients with effective control over their supply chain ecosystem.

Moreover, outsourcing to a 3PL logistics can be one of the key decisions a business can take to ensure a seamless supply chain along with improving business growth and profitability.

We might just have a customizable supply chain solution for your business!

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