How to find the right 3PL for your business December 27, 2021

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How to find the right 3PL for your business

When the business is expanding, supply chain management needs attention and at times complete overhaul. Logistics is an integral part of supply chain.Employing a 3PL company to manage the flow of goods can bring several benefits. It is a better idea than operating and managing everything in house.

Choosing the right Warehousing Management Company ensures minimum interruptions in Supply Chain and has a meaningful impact on business growth.

Here are few things to consider when choosing a 3PL for your business:

  • Consider Location, accordingly if goods just need to be transferred and stored in the warehouse or need marketing. If goods are for storage, having the warehouse closer to the company is more beneficial. If marketing is the concern, then a warehouse closer to the market is better.
  • Every company specialisations are in different products . Choosing a Warehouse Service according to needs and specification of the company product is good for the fulfilment of the goal of the company.
  • Choose a warehouse that offers scope of expansion. If your storage needs increase, you will not face space crunch.
  • Deciding a company which can offer global or national level outsourcing in future would be profitable for expansion of the business.
  • Choose a Third Party Warehouse which has all the IT and technological assistance for your industry or they will let you put your own.
  • Check safety measures to understand how your goods will be handled.

Things not to avoid while choosing 3PL in India:

  • Choosing a Warehousing Service just on the basis of price could be a wrong decision. Checking all the requirements of the company and choosing a Warehouse Management Company which fits right is important.
  • Many logistic companies offer flexible pricing. With the growth of the company, they adjust cost. So, avoiding long-term lease is a good idea.
  • Consider a Warehousing Management Company in India which has its own staff as managing staff takes time. Outsourcing the work to a logistics company who can manage that on your behalf is good.
  • Bring and manage other skills which can add value to your business.

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