5 ways 3PL companies in India can help with Supply Chain Bottlenecks Aaj Enterprises December 21, 2021

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5 ways 3PL companies in India can help with Supply Chain Bottlenecks

The customer gets notified that their product will be delivered “soon” or by an estimated date. The product is ready at hand, and you are confident to deliver the order right in time. But, even after mapping out the entire logistics, some unforeseen events frustratingly slow down your process. 

A supply chain is constantly subject to bottlenecks. Despite efficient production, it is likely that the next step in the process will not be enough to sustain the rapid inputs. Though inevitable, these occurrences are detrimental to the health of a business and can reduce its confidence. So how can one avoid this? Let’s find out by understanding supply chain bottlenecks. 

What are supply chain bottlenecks?

A bottleneck in the supply chain refers to the overcrowding of workload at a single point in the logistics process that slows down the movement of orders. Though bottlenecks indicate capacity constraints of a business, they also result from managerial errors. To look at the brighter side, 3PL companies in India can help companies control the supply chain bottlenecks and alleviate the anomalies it creates. 

Here are 6 ways 3PL companies in India can help with supply chain bottlenecks. 

  1. Multiple distribution centers:

A lot of trouble can arise from single-sourced distribution, especially in the heyday of an eCommerce business when it makes a lot of sales. While the company would respond to the increasing demands with increased production, the supply chain may not be able to sustain it. 

However, expecting multiple distribution centers across several regions and cities means setting impossibly high standards for a new business. In such cases, partnering with a reliable 3PL company is quite beneficial. 

3PL companies in India like Aaj enterprises provide pan-India supply chain services that speed up the delivery process. Aaj has distribution centers in major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Sonipat, and Kundli. 

  • Predictive Analysis:

The best way to manage bottlenecks efficiently is by forecasting the likely disruptions. One of the main reasons why conglomerates like Amazon manage to pull off rapid order fulfillments is that their experience in the industry helps them predict the reasons that can cause delay. 

However, a company does not have to be a highly experienced conglomerate to forecast problems that may arise. 3PL companies in India provide their predictive analysis to small and large businesses using their industry experience and advanced technology. 

  • Equipment maintenance: 

While warehouse automation is the way ahead to speed up the logistics process, it comes with a major responsibility of maintaining the equipment. There’s nothing more aggravating than malfunctioned equipment slowing down the movement of goods. Some 3PL companies in India, like Aaj, also provide technology management and consultancy services for a timely health check-up of warehouse equipment. At the same time, using the warehousing services of the 3PL partner can further reduce the workload at the end of the business. 

  • Hiring more staff

The Supply chain process consists of careful and delicate tasks. It calls for full-time staff that can focus on one function at a time, reducing the risk of errors. More human resources mean not only numbers but also more skill. Third-party logistics companies can take off the burden on companies to hire more skilled staff, as they already consist of them. 

  • Clear communication

Poor management and communication can give an illusion of a shortage of time and resources. Poor or a lack of communication can lead to more redundant expenses without solving the problem at hand. Reliable 3PL companies in India provide real-time updates of the status of the order to the business as well as the customers. 

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