WMS – Smart Inventory Management – Need of the Hour Ms Anamika Jain March 22, 2023

Inventory Management

WMS – Smart Inventory Management – Need of the Hour

With the growing number of warehouses, WMS (warehouse management system) has become a necessity to power and manage these large activity centers. WMS is software which stores and processes data about all transactions in the warehouse. Not only that, WMS also directs and guides the warehouse team to perform these tasks. Consider for example – an order of 100 items to be picked and dispatched to the customer, it is the WMS which will give instructions to pick it from specific zones/bins/locations of the warehouse and then generate its packing slip.

However, the most essential function of a good WMS is to manage inventory. In a big warehouse company where we store thousands of SKUs, without a good WMS we cannot know what is where with accuracy. WMS is essential to track, trace and retrieve inventory in the warehouse.

There are three major functions required in the WMS for effective inventory management:

1. Stock Count:

In the warehouse stock count is performed to ensure accuracy in the quantity and the placement of inventory. Disciplined stock count of scientifically selected SKU (Stock keeping Units) on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis is the key to quick turnaround and dispatches. Capable WMS generates these stock counts without human intervention and then records the outcomes such that we have full visibility on the availability of items being counted.

2. Replenishment:

When items are required in the forward pick locations, smart WMS generates timely replenishments from pallets/shelves to these forward pick locations to enable quick picking for orders. After generating the replenishment, WMS also updates the new locations of the items being transferred without human intervention.

3. Stock Consolidation:

Imagine a warehouse where a single SKU is kept at multiple different locations, none of which are fully utilized. One can imagine the amount of space which shall get wasted. Smart WMS prevents that from happening by suggesting regular consolidation of such stocks to optimize both space and picking time.

To summarize, a good WMS is necessary for ensuring your stock’s accuracy and availability for order processing. If you are looking for a 3PL logistics partner which can offer you warehouse services powered by a smart WMS then write to our team at info@aajenterprises.com

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