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Third-Party Logistics

Upcoming Technologies for the 3PL Industry

Since every industry is undergoing a transformational phase of digitization and automation, logistics could not remain unaffected. A relative shift has been witnessed with the introduction of various automotive technologies. The trend has fast gained popularity and has now become more practical.

Automated Fleets

Right now, it is limited to drones and the small-distance deliveries, but automated fleets are to be a thing in future. This advancement may revolutionise the entire industry through a stiff competition stimulating excellence.. As the processes of shipping and docking became automated, costs can be reduced up to 20 percent.

3D Printing

The scope for 3D printing is increasing exponentially. Our economy depends on the supply of products just as it relies on their manufacturing. Printing-on-demand may eliminate a need to carry an inventory while reducing the warehousing and transportation costs.You can get the most complex things printed without going through manufacturing assembly lines inside factories. There is no need of production in high volumes with the associated time, labor and costs reduced.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Embracing an IoT culture, the visibility can be improved for the goods in transit.Currently, the third-party logistics maintaining the supply chain system can trace the goods in transit through tagging chips that transmit information on identification, location, humidity, pressure and temperature. IoT removes the physical restriction through the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. They offer continuous data on the attached goods attached . In addition, connected fleet management feature uses solutions like GPS to track the data across connected overseas fleets.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It allows people to simulate their real-life situations with computer-generated sensory inputs. The AR technology helps managers collate critical information on their fleet and can help in identifying potential damages in the same beforehand.

These high-tech solutions speed up delivery and decrease the operational costs of 3PL companies in India to handle their logistics and improve upon the related services over time.

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