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The 6 Most Common Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Problems and How to fix

Ecommerce businesses have lots of moving mechanisms. When we look closely at the eCommerce business, order fulfillment is essential to its growth. An effective e commerce fulfillment service India results in a better customer experience and profitability. If you’re not an expert in fulfillment, you may face enormous challenges trying to handle them yourself. Many eCommerce businesses struggle with fulfillment.

We’ve listed some of the most common obstacles businesses like yours encounter daily and what you can do to overcome them in your organization!

Why Is Top Quality Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Important?

The order fulfillment process starts when a customer orders a product from your eCommerce platforms. What your business does to deliver the product to the customer is some of the essential components of a healthy logistics process. You can lose your customers without high-quality order fulfillment as it may cause product damage or delays in shipping which are the most important part to run an eCommerce business.

Whether your business handles order fulfillment in-house or outsourced it, recurring errors can negatively impact your business’s reputation and overall results.

6 Common E-commerce Order Fulfillment Problems and their solutions

1. Incorrect or Damaged Products

Problem – One mistake that needs a solution in the first place is incorrect product information. Adding inaccurate information about the product on your website may lead to unhappy customers, order returns, and a false reputation. An inefficient management system can also lead to errors in order fulfillment resulting in wrong items or damaged products sent to the customers. This can result in the biggest and most costly mistake for your business.

Solution – You have to make sure that the product information you are providing must be accurate. For that, you can hire a QC who can evaluate the content before uploading it. Furthermore, accidents happen, which may cause damage to the product. However, eCommerce businesses are required to do whatever shall be required to mitigate damage. This can be fixed by changing the packing process. Consider choosing sturdier boxes, wrapping items individually within a box, cushioning products with bubble wraps, and preventing moisture damage with silica gel packets.

2. Slow Shipping Speeds

Problem – Customers who purchase products from any e-commerce platform expect their orders to be delivered quickly. If you rely on poor e-fulfillment services, your shipping timelines will not meet customer expectations of receiving the product on time. This results in dissatisfied customer relationships, and your business starts losing customers.

Solution – Ecommerce businesses move fast, and e-commerce fulfillment services need to move faster to increase the potential growth of the business. You can contact a trusted fulfillment provider and logistic warehouse that can guarantee to ship the product on time and create a fast, streamlined, and efficient eCommerce shipping process.

3. Shipping Location

Problem – One of the significant problems that often arise while shipping a product is the location of your eCommerce center. The location of your eCommerce fulfillment centers relates to how quickly your products can get to your customers. Having your order fulfillment facilities close to the end customer means your products will arrive at your customer faster, enhancing customer satisfaction. However, if you only have one fulfillment center or multiple fulfillment centers that are not located close to your customer base, the shipping timelines can drastically affect your business.

Solution – Your products reach your clients swiftly if your fulfillment supplier has access to several warehouses. It’s crucial to conduct market research to determine where your clients are, after which you should pick a fulfillment provider with nearby warehouses. Even more crucially, if you sell internationally, you require a fulfillment partner with expertise in goods transport service to optimize international shipping for both, speed of delivery and affordability.

4. Shipping Notification

Problem – Shipping notification is a minor thing to consider, but customers frequently check out notifications for their order shipment. If you are not providing the update on product shipment, it may create doubt in the mind of customers, whether they’ll receive the order on time or not, and next time they might think twice while ordering a product from your website.

Solution – Build a system that automatically tracks the product and sends the notification to your customers so that they can get updates about the delivery process. You can also use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to share the delivery information with the customers. Through EDI, you only need to enter the tracking number and click the track button to track and trace the shipment and know the delivery status online. You can use EDI to push notifications to the customers accordingly. So make sure to select the fulfillment services following EDI express tracking.

5. Using a Complex Ecommerce Fulfillment Software

Problem – Many eCommerce businesses have quality products and robust eCommerce platforms—but are secretly using eCommerce fulfillment software that may fall short. It can affect corporate processes, slow shipping times, and irritate staff and customers if you’re using a complex software system that is practically impossible to set up, challenging to use in your everyday workflows, or unable to interact with other business tools.

Solution – It’s critical to comprehend your actual requirements and objectives for eCommerce fulfillment software. Every eCommerce fulfillment software is unique and comes with a variety of features. For instance, some offer more branding potential and extra marketing tools, while others are just speed-oriented. Therefore, make sure you choose an eCommerce fulfillment solution that is simple to set up, use, and combine with any other platforms and applications you may already be utilizing.

6. Poor Customer Care Service

Problem – If your customer faces any issue with the order, they immediately contact customer service, and when they contact customer care, they expect humbleness and practical solutions. If your customer care team cannot provide a better solution, the customer can become aggressive, and you may permanently lose the customer.

Solution – Invest more to train your customer care team and guide them on how to handle the customers based on different scenarios. They are more equipped to handle fulfillment issues, so you have fewer upset customers to deal with.


You can overcome these obstacles by practicing the given solution to build your e-commerce business a brand. It may result in happy customers, higher profits, and tremendous growth. AAJ Enterprises provides responsive, reliable, and cost-effective third-party fulfillment services to the eCommerce business. It’s time for you to collaborate with us and boost your business profits like never before. Reach out to us today!

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