We Matter: Connecting with the Bigger Purpose and Impact of Our Everyday Work.  Aaj Enterprises June 29, 2024

We Matter: Connecting with the Bigger Purpose and Impact of Our Everyday Work. 

Guest: Pan Macmillan India 

AAJ Enterprises recently held an inspiring “We Matter” event, emphasizing the profound impact and purpose of their daily work. The event was graced by several distinguished guests from Pan Macmillan India, including Sales Director Mr. Vijay Sharma, Head of Finance Ms. Divya Bhatia, Senior Product Manager Ms. Asha Sainath, and Accounts Officer Mr. Amit Singh. The purpose of the event was to explore the deeper significance of the contributions made by the Kundli Warehouse Team. 

Key Highlights: 

Leadership and Vision: 


The event was guided by our CEO Anamika Jain, CTO Atishay Jain, and Vice President Mr. R Balaji. They discussed the importance of belonging and the interconnectedness of roles within the company. 

Anamika Jain highlighted how every employee’s work extends beyond personal gain, contributing positively to society and the country. 

Guest Insights: 


Mr. Vijay Sharma spoke about the critical role of the supply chain in Pan Macmillan’s business, appreciating the dedication and effort of the Kundli Warehouse Team. He emphasized that each small contribution, such as ensuring timely book deliveries, has a significant impact on the company’s success. 

Ms. Divya Bhatia compared the efficiency of Pan Macmillan India’s supply chain to global standards, expressing pride in the team’s ability to meet international quality benchmarks. 

Ms. Asha Sainath discussed the expectations from the warehouse team to ensure that books ordered from abroad are delivered timely to customers in India. She praised the seamless process facilitated by the team. 

Mr. Amit Singh reflected on the growth and improvements in the infrastructure and services from the time they started working with AAJ Enterprises. 

Recognition and Motivation: 


The event included a recognition segment where three standout employees were honored for their exceptional work over the past year. 

Anamika Jain took pride in the inclusion of female employees in the warehouse team, acknowledging their contributions and encouraging them to view their roles as long-term commitments. 

Messages of Growth and Improvement: 

The guests shared valuable messages encouraging the team to continue giving their best, learn from mistakes, and maintain a positive and growth-oriented mindset. 

They emphasized the importance of paying attention to small details, which collectively lead to significant achievements. 

The “We Matter” event underscored AAJ Enterprises’ commitment to aligning work with a greater mission, fostering a sense of belonging among employees, and continuously improving to meet and exceed global standards. The insights and recognition shared during the event aim to motivate the team to contribute positively to society and drive the company towards a brighter future. 

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