Our CEO Anamika Jain Inspires at TEDx Event  Aaj Enterprises June 29, 2024

Our CEO Anamika Jain Inspires at TEDx Event 

Anamika Jain, CEO of AAJ Enterprises, recently spoke at a TEDx event organized by Taxila Business School. Her insightful talk focused on the transformative power of thinking big within the realm of supply chain management, inspiring peers and industry professionals. Anamika shared valuable lessons on effective leadership and the essential traits required to succeed in this dynamic field. 

Key Highlights: 

  • The Power of Thinking Big

Anamika emphasized the importance of visionary leadership, bold moves, and making a significant impact. She recounted her experience of securing a major client in 2018, which doubled their workload and necessitated new capacities and talent. However, despite careful planning, unforeseen challenges arose, teaching the crucial lesson that thinking big must be complemented with meticulous attention to detail. 

  • Importance of Thinking Small


Anamika shared a personal story highlighting the significance of planning to the minutest details in supply chain management. She emphasized that leaving decisions to chance can lead to roadblocks, underscoring the importance of thinking small to ensure seamless operations. 

  • Balancing Big and Small Thinking

She stressed the necessity of switching between big-picture thinking and detailed planning throughout the day. The ability to “zoom in and zoom out” is essential for supply chain leaders, allowing them to address both strategic and operational aspects effectively. 

  • Extracting Significance from Details

Anamika discussed the importance of identifying weak links and opportunities for maximum impact. She shared an example of how a simple idea from a conversation led to the development of a dedicated returns management facility, significantly improving efficiency. 

  • Preventive Thinking Over Firefighting


Reflecting on her early days, Anamika acknowledged the temptation to solve problems actively. However, she learned that a true leader prevents issues through guidance and training, empowering teams to handle challenges independently. This shift from reactive to preventive thinking fosters long-term value creation. 

  • Decentralizing Decision-Making

Anamika highlighted the effectiveness of decentralizing decisions by providing teams with a “not to-do list.” This approach empowers employees to make informed choices, saving time on training and mentorship while promoting autonomy and accountability. 

The event, organized by Anuradha Mehta, Director of Taxila Business School, was a resounding success. Anamika’s talk resonated with the audience, providing practical insights and inspiring the next generation of supply chain leaders. Her emphasis on thinking big and small, preventive thinking, and decentralized decision-making offers a roadmap for driving innovation and excellence in the supply chain industry. 

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