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Factors to Consider When Buying Corrugated Packing Material

When you are considering a packaging solution to complement your product, you desire of a material that is portable, attractive, protected and economical. However, it is often difficult to determine which material is exactly required for packing the boxes. There are various options available in a range of wooden crates and thermoplastics to choose from. There is a necessity to pick up the right wrappings for products to reach their destination safely at the lowest cost, without posing any damage.

Now, corrugated packaging is considered the most popular, low-cost solution in this industry. It offers the top-notch protection in a lightweight, easily customizable design.

There are certain considerations listed below to be kept in mind while weighing your packaging choices.

Mode of Transport for Packaging Options
Before selecting the packaging material, transportation mode must be decided allowing for smooth and secure movement of the goods. For instance, packages being shipped through air should be suitable to the atmospheric changes while those being carried through ground transport must be ready for hitting the rough roads.

Moisture is a Threat
Any type of exposure to moisture resulting from ocean shipping, warehouse storage or a chance meeting with rain is a threat to the packaging. A corrugated cardboard may not sustain moisture as paper absorbs water and its dampness cannot protect the products.

Product Characteristics
Picking up the right material for packing depends upon weight, size and shape of the product. The more information we have on an actual product, easier it would be to figure out its correct packaging.

Temperature Balance
The packaging solutions must withstand the temperature through safeguarding the products at an optimum level. Keeping potential variations become necessary for exploring options while shipping the perishable items.

Product Value
Valuable products need materials that can get them packed more securely.The material used in corrugated packaging comprises of three paper layers – an inside liner, an arched shape or fluting in between and an outside liner. It is usually corrugated cardboard of paperboard laminated with a fluted medium paper. This material is secure due to its load bearing capacity, diverse size selections and good dimensional stability. Bringing them in demand is their printable and an easy to seal surface with cushioning to match with the corrugated medium encasing.

Product Strength
Fragile goods like crystal, mirrors and chinaware need more protection and being labelled fragile over the durable items. Handling requires to be taken into consideration to ship the fragile products for avoiding any damage. Here, staying organized is the key to get all the valuables packed efficiently. In deciding the best pick for the fragile packing needs, weigh your product first. Accordingly, choose a double-walled box that includes a partition insert. A highly valuable art piece can be crated for added protection.

If a protected wrapping of the exterior is important, the inner side is to be equally paid attention to. Avoid any damage risks through blocking and filling of materials for cushioning of the empty space with the fillings of air pad, paper pad, foam and loose fill. Besides, cushioning, Electro Static Discharge packaging for electronics, corrosion protection and inner fittings from steel, rubber, plywood and plastic, save the day for us.

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