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Third-Party Logistics Warehouse Management

3PL Companies: Driver of E-Commerce Growth

Logistics play a vital role in helping the businesses achieve efficiency, effectiveness along with customer satisfaction and value for the end user. Operations and activities of logistics are somewhat time-consuming and exhaustive, therefore it demands professionals that are determined and trained to carry out every task with ease and supremacy. Ever since a large number of online customers have evolved, it has become indispensable for the e-commerce platforms to take help of the logistics service provider who has a very pragmatic approach and methods to execute their operations. Quality of logistic services is directionally proportional to e-commerce growth and here is how:

Complete Solution for Online Retailers

Online retailers do not have to be hassled about arranging a storage space and worry further about their order fulfilment as these professionals have all the things covered. The logistics service providers offer a complete solution of supply chain management and help the e-commerce platforms to minimize their burden and focus more on strategic and core activities.

Mitigation of Risks and Liability

By delegating the responsibility of logistics to these 3PL, the risks involved in the process are mitigated. The risk associated with loss or damage of goods, transportation delays, hazards like theft or fire, are covered by the 3PL because they understand well the correlation between their approach and its outcome through their avid experience and established processes

Multi-mode transportation model

With revolutionary ideas like one-day delivery, general merchandise unit needs to be shipped via multiple modes of transport like airways and railways. 3PL service provider with capabilities in multi modal transportation can ensure committed lead time and provide a single desk for handling end to end queries and status update.

Cash-handling capabilities

India is moving towards online medical aid and financial transactions; however, cash-on-delivery remains the preferred mode of payment, particularly in non-metropolitan cities. To serve this purpose new infrastructure and set of processes needs to be designed.

More Business Opportunities

Apart from taking care of the basic activities like transportation or storage, they provide an opportunity for e-commerce channels to grow and expand with minimal lead time and fixed costs. These service providers have a network or chain which their clients can leverage for expansion. On one hand, 3PL companies promote the expansion of assorted online marketplaces, together with retailers set in far-flung areas. On the other, they boost freight aggregation and increase the scope for varied transportation networks. The 3PL service suppliers are rising as an integral part of the Indian digital market and are leading the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ initiative.

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