Customised Packing Material

The company procures and provides packing material of all types used during the operations. Using its economies of scale it is able to reduce cost and minimise wastage , benefits which are passed on to its clients

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Product Customisation

during warehousing processing such as labelling, kitting, insertions, shrink wrapping, set break up are often required on the products. The company is fully equipped with trained manpower and machines/Equipments to fulfil such requirements with minimal impact on the overall TAT of the operations.

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Online Sale Management

With the spur in the online merchandising and sale of nearly all product categories, the company has created a separate department which manages the supply for the online customers of its clients. The team is also equipped with managing inventory , invoicing and customer queries received on online portals.

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Customer Service

The immediate forward and backward linkage of core operations is customer service. We have a dedicated and very efficient team of professionals to handle customer queries, order processing and after sale service. The CRM integrated with the warehouse management system is able to provide customer service related reports on a single dashboard. Single window solution also helps our clients and the end customer alike to receive information quicker and accurately.

Supply Chain Value Added Services

Credit Control

Invoicing, payment collection and other AR related functions are linked with operations. These functions when outsourced to a the supply chain management team has huge cost and time saving benefits. Coordination effort is reduced and through shared facility costs decline considerably. Responsibility are clearly defined and process matrix is fixed which induces transparency in the system.

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Digital printing

For its publisher clients the company offers digital printing services. It has a full digital printing unit in its warehouse to print books just in time of the order and supply it seamlessly to the end user. Transportation costs and lead time are huge savings which are reaped in through this integration. The digital printing unit of the company is established within the warehouse premises and is complete with both black/white as well as coloured printing machines, perfect binder, automatic cutting machine and thermal laminator.

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Production planning

Our warehouse management system is able to offer rich analytical reports which can help our clients in demand forecasting and stock aging analysis to plan their production. Using the information available at its disposal company is able to plan and manage the production activities ensuring that the order fill rate is maximised and the inventory is minimised.

supply chain management in india