Streamlining Import Processing with Our Enhanced WMS and Wireless Printing Technology Aaj Enterprises June 28, 2024

Streamlining Import Processing with Our Enhanced WMS and Wireless Printing Technology

In 2023, AAJ Enterprises team faced the monumental task of processing 50 lakh units across 1.6 lakh different SKUs in import shipments. Traditionally, the most error-prone step in this process was segregating mixed lots from the CFA and labeling them post-segregation. However, we have successfully halved these import processing errors by leveraging our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) and integrating it with a handheld printer. 

The new functionality allows for seamless and efficient labeling directly during the segregation process. Here’s how it works: as each item is scanned and its pack size is input, our WMS instantly triggers the wireless printer to generate the corresponding label. This not only saves significant time but also minimizes the errors associated with bulk label printing. 

Key Features: 

  • Real-Time Label Printing: Our handheld printer, connected via Bluetooth technology, prints labels instantly upon scanning an item and entering its pack size into the Data Collection Unit (DCU). 
  • Optimized Workflow: By eliminating the need for bulk label printing and subsequent manual segregation, we streamline our operations, leading to faster processing times and fewer errors. 
  • Seamless Integration: The DCU and handheld printer work in tandem, ensuring data from the DCU is accurately translated into printed labels, thus enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of our import processing. 

Commitment to Innovation: 

By incorporating this technology, we have not only enhanced our efficiency but also set a new standard in import shipment processing. Our commitment to innovation continues to drive us forward, ensuring we deliver the highest level of fulfillment service to our clients. 

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