Get your warehouse audited by experts

Get your warehouse audited by experts

Learn from Industry Experts
AAJ Tribe consists of a team of dedicated supply chain specialists and change management experts to provide advisory, consultancy, assessment support for warehouse storage, space and technology needs to meet your business requirements and help you gain a competitive edge.
Supply Chain Management

Curious, about how organisations like AAJ manage their entire supply chain ecosystem so seamlessly? Let us help you build the key structures to maximise benefits:
Location Planning – Use linear programming and scientific tools to decide the optimum number and locations of warehouses for your business.
Labor Planning – Right from structuring shifts, sourcing labour to managing compliance; we’ve got you all covered.
Layout and Designing –We help you design an optimal racking plan for your Warehouse.
Supply Chain Optimization – Redesign your SOPs for leaner processes and reduced turnaround time.

Last Mile Distribution

Agility in last-mile delivery is one of the biggest tests for businesses today. This service is so pivotal to the customer experience that it enhances brand loyalty and distinguishes your business from your competitors. Learn where businesses are failing to deliver & how you can succeed; with support from AAJs core team of experts.

Warehouse Layout and Racking Plan
Designing a warehouse is like an art. It is all about having the right products at the right location in the right sized aisle with the perfect layout. Seamless material flows added with a capacity to optimise the available space and you have yourself a Smart warehouse. Reach out to us and get an in-depth knowledge of warehousing from our experts.
Process Optimization
The prime objective of any business owner or warehouse manager is to ensure that all warehousing processes are running smoothly. We are here to empower you with our decade-long warehousing experience required for designing your Standard operating procedures ( SOPs ) to cut out unwanted delays and redundant steps. You can save upto 35% costs through a process optimization exercise without any extra investment in infrastructure.
Warehouse Management System
Fluctuating capacities, increased customer demands and technological disruptions in supply chain management have created a pressing need to transform warehouses of today. You can deploy our WMS for your operations on the SAAS model and reap the many benefits of technology transformation at minimum costs.
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